Even if SwimResults currently only takes place in German swim meetings it has users from many different countries. To enable foreign athletes and users who do not speak German to use the application, SwimResults has multi-language support. This article explains how you can help to translate SwimResults into another language that you speak or to fix problems or mistakes that currently occur in your preferred language.

Current State

Starting from the release on October 1st, SwimResults has in-build support for German (de-DE) and English (en-GB) languages. All texts, words, messages, and other translatable contents are by default given in English and German language.

Future Languages

Even though we would like to provide support for as many languages as possible there is a list of preferred languages that are more necessary to be translated since we have some users that primarily use this language. Languages we would like to support are:

  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

How to Translate

If you want to help translate SwimResults, please get in touch with us: [email protected]

Translation Keys

When translating software, most likely so-called "translation keys" are used. Those keys are used inside the source code of the application and will be replaced with the correct form of the word in the language the user has selected.

For example: The key DASHBOARD.WELCOME_MESSAGE contains the welcome message that is shown on the dashboard of each meeting after the user logs in. The English translation for this is:

"Welcome back, {{username}}!"

The keyword username will later be replaced with the actual username of the current user.

Translation Plattform

For translating we use a web-based platform that makes it easier for you to translate. The tool displays a translation key to the translator and shows the English translation as well. Based on that you can now enter the translation in your language.

If you translated the example given above to German, you would now enter:

"Willkommen zurück, {{username}}!"

Additional Possibilities

Since some people prefer to do the translation less interactive we can also just send a list with words and phrases to translate to you and you can return your translation as a list as well.